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    11 Jul

    Discover the Joy of our Cookery Classes in Cornwall This Summer

    This summer, unlock new culinary skills and savour a delightful day out with Truro School Cookery’s diverse range of cookery courses in Cornwall. Open to everyone, these classes are perfect for adults, children, and families looking to bond over delicious food. Whether you’re a seasoned home chef or a complete beginner, there’s something for everyone. Here’s a closer look at the exciting courses on offer and why you should book them today.

    Adult Day Cookery Courses

    Cornish Baking Morning
    Immerse yourself in the rich baking traditions of Cornwall. From iconic pasties to delectable scones, learn the secrets behind these regional favorites and bring a taste of Cornwall to your kitchen.

    Perfect Pastry Basics
    Master the art of creating perfect pastries. This class covers everything from shortcrust to puff pastry, giving you the confidence to bake both sweet and savory delights with ease.

    Savvy with Seafood
    Cornwall is renowned for its fresh seafood. In this course, you’ll learn how to select, prepare, and cook a variety of seafood dishes, ensuring you can make the most of the local bounty.

    Thursday Evening Cookery Classes

    Moroccan Night for Two
    Transport your taste buds to North Africa with this evening dedicated to Moroccan cuisine. Learn to create aromatic dishes such as tagines, flatbreads and walnut, apricot and cardamon cake, perfect for a romantic night in.

    Paella Night for Two
    Bring a slice of Spain to your dinner table with a traditional paella. This class covers everything from selecting the best ingredients to achieving the perfect paella.

    Classic French Steak for Two
    Discover the techniques behind cooking the perfect steak, complemented by classic sides and sauces. This class is ideal for a date night or a special treat for steak lovers.

    Japanese Night for Two
    Dive into the world of Japanese cuisine with an evening dedicated to Japanese specialities. Learn the intricacies of these dishes and enjoy a night of culinary exploration with a friend or loved one.

    Adult and Child Cookery Classes

    Spanish Tapas for Adults and Children
    Introduce your child to the joys of cooking with a fun and interactive tapas class. Together, you’ll create a variety of small dishes that capture the vibrant flavors of Spain.

    Mexican for Adults and Children
    Spice up your culinary repertoire with a family-friendly Mexican cooking class where you’ll learn to make a range of delicious and easy-to-prepare dishes.

    Pasta Making for Adults and Children
    Learn the art of pasta making from scratch. This hands-on class will guide you through making dough, rolling it out, and creating a variety of pasta shapes, ensuring a fun and educational experience for both adults and children.

    Sushi and Gyoza for Adults and Children
    Explore the world of Japanese cuisine together as you learn to make sushi rolls and gyoza dumplings. This class is perfect for parents and children who love to cook and want to try something new.

    American Diner for Adults and Children
    Experience the flavours of a classic American diner with this fun cooking class. Create fun dishes like sloppy joes, pancakes, sweet potato fries and ice cream sodas, making for a memorable culinary adventure.

    Why Book a Cookery Course at Truro School Cookery in Cornwall?

    • Hands-On Learning: Gain practical skills and techniques that you can use at home.
    • Expert Instructors: Learn from experienced chefs who are passionate about teaching.
    • Fun and Interactive: Enjoy a lively and engaging atmosphere, perfect for making new friends and bonding with family.
    • Diverse Cuisine: Explore a wide range of culinary traditions and flavors, expanding your culinary horizons.
    • Memorable Experience: Create lasting memories with loved ones while learning to cook delicious dishes.

    Don’t miss out on the chance to enhance your cooking skills and enjoy a unique day out this summer. Book your place at Truro School Cookery today and embark on a culinary journey that promises to be as educational as it is enjoyable.

    Welcome to Truro School Cookery!

    Our cookery school is slowly but surely reopening to you all!

    We have released some of our most popular courses and have a busy Summer schedule being updated and added to every week!

    See you all soon – Aj and the cookery school team