Cooking Together Adult and Child Mexican Day Class


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Course Information

Our Saturday Cooking Together classes are a great way to spend some family quality time together. These classes are booked in pairs of tickets and are an opportunity to chat, cook, perfect some skills in the kitchen and meet other like-minded people.

Pastries will be served upon arrival. Next, in a ‘cook-along’ format, you’ll make a selection of delicious dishes to enjoy for lunch.

Due to the nature of our kitchen and space, we can only accept children of 10 years or above.


What will the menu be?


We change our recipes seasonally but the type of dishes you may cook are:



Tacos al pastor

Chicken mole

Churros with dulce de leche or hot chocolate sauce


When: 10am – 2pm

Cost: £130 for adult and child combined

Allergies and dietary restrictions

Please email us ( ) to discuss any relevant allergies or dietary requirements.