• Cookery Courses

North Africa & The Middle East

Truro School Cookery
9:45 am - 2:00 pm

Type of Course:

1 day class

What’s the class about?

Food from the Middle East is aromatic, colourful and evocative. We’ve cherry picked some classic recipes from the region to whet your appetite. You’ll enjoy a fantastic mezze for lunch from the fruits of your labour and also have some food to take home afterwards.

This class is perfect for experienced as well as novice cooks and offers an opportunity to learn new skills in an approachable and supportive way.


What will you cook?

We change our recipes seasonally but the type of dishes you may cook are:

  • Chicken tagine with olives and preserved lemon
  • Spiced lamb filo parcels
  • Egyptian fava bean falafel with harissa and tahini sauce
  • Zaatar spiced flatbread
  • Braised carrots with coriander and sumac
  • Beetroot and red onion salad with sumac and pomegranate


What is the format of the class?

You’ll enjoy a hot drink and pastry upon arrival and get to know your fellow classmates.

The class will start with a demonstration before you then go on to cook your dishes in pairs. You will enjoy lunch from the fruits of your labour with a glass or two of wine. Most importantly, there will be food to take home to feed your family and friends!


Allergies and dietary restrictions

Please email us ([email protected] ) to discuss any relevant allergies or dietary requirements.

Time: 9.45am-2.00pm

Cost: £125

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